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Video Management System - DSS Pro V8

Specifications DSS Pro V8.1.1 Server + Patch Package DSS Pro V8.2 Server + Patch Package DSS Pro V8.4
(Latest Version)
DSS Pro V8 Video Monitoring DSS Pro V8 Elevator Control

Build Date: 07-27-2022

Patch Build Date: 11-25-2022

Build Date: 12-10-2022

Patch Build Date: 05-09-2023

Build Date: 01-04-2024

Build Date: 04-28-2022

Build Date: 05-17-2022

Before you update to V8.4, please review the following:
The new version does not support access control devices of first generation protocol.
1. If you need to continue using them, do not update to the new version.
2. If an access control device of first generation protocol was already added, it will be automatically deleted after update.


DSS Pro is a comprehensive and expandable Dahua VMS for flexible, scalable, reliable and powerful central management. With client-server architecture, DSS Pro provides central management, information sharing, convenient connections, and multi-service cooperation. The software provides basic functions such as user permission management, device management, alarm management, and central storage, but also delivers advanced features of video wall and map configuration, access control features, video intercom, attendance, and analytic functions such as face detection and object detection. It also integrates add-ons such as business intelligence and traffic surveillance.

DSS Pro V8 Logo.jpg


  • Integrates All Management Functions into One Client
  • Allows Device Initialization and Management
  • Live Video Playback from Edge Device
  • Supports Access Control and Video Intercom Integration
  • Configure Video Wall Layout and Scheme
  • Offers Fisheye Camera Dewarping on Live View

Mobile App

App Icon Android iOS Description
DSS Agile 8 DSS Agile 8 Icon.jpg
Mobile monitoring software that has functions such as live view, video playback, video call and alarm push notifications.


CPU Intel® Core(TM) I7-9700K CPU@3.60GHZ
Memory 8GB
System Disk 7200 RPM Enterprise Class HDD 1TB, 500G free space for DSS
Storage Disk 7200 RPM Enterprise Class HDD
Ethernet port 1000 Mbps Ethernet Ports

CPU Intel® Core(TM) I5-9400CPU@2.90GHZ
Memory 8GB
System Disk 7200 RPM Enterprise Class HDD 1TB, 200G free space for DSS
Storage Disk 7200 RPM Enterprise Class HDD
Ethernet port 1000 Mbps Ethernet Ports

Supported OS

Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit)
Windows 10 (32 and 64-bit)


Installation and License Activation

Device Setup


User Management

Storage Management

DSS Agile 8 Mobile App

Install and Configure DSS Pro
Learn how to install DSS Pro Server and Client Software and perform first time setup and license activation

> Download and install DSS Pro software

> Configure the server settings such as IP and port for DSS Pro server

> How To Activate the License on DSS Pro

> How To Download and install DSS Pro Client software
Install DSS icon.png

Add and configure Devices
Learn how to add devices such as IP cameras, NVRs, and more to DSS Pro

> Add Dahua device to DSS Pro V8

> Import multiple devices at once to DSS Pro software

> Configure the features for each device/channel added to DSS Pro

> Configure device settings for devices that have been added to DSS Pro
DSS Device Icon.png

User Management
Learn how to create users for DSS Pro Software

> How to create users and user levels for DSS Pro

> How to create Domain users for DSS Pro
DSS User Icon.png