DSS/V8/DSS Pro/Instruction/Net Disk Configuration


This guide will show how to setup and configure a Net Disk for DSS Pro.


  • DSS Pro V8 Server and Client
  • Net disk - in this guide the EVS will be used

It is recommended to setup/configure EVS first before adding as a Net Disk to DSS

Click here for instructions on how to setup the EVS as a Net Disk

  • Use Ethernet cable to connect DSS (Port 3/4) and EVS (Port 1)
  • If you need to configure RAID, you should configure it on EVS first
  • The IP address of the EVS device network port and the IP of the DSS device network port should be in the same network segment (for example 192.168.1.x for Both Devices)

Step by Step Instructions

1.Login to DSS Pro Client and then go to Configurations > Device menu.

From Home Select the Configuration menu

DSS Pro Client Home Configurations.jpg

2. Click on Storage

DSS Pro Local Disk Configuration - 1.jpg

3. Click Add NetDisk

DSS Pro Net Disk Configuration - 1.jpg

4. Enter the information of the Net DIsk

Click Add

DSS Pro Net Disk Configuration - 2.jpg

5. Initialize/Config/Format the disk using the Operation functions

DSS Pro Net Disk Configuration - 3.jpg