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How to Add Dahua IP Camera to DSS


This is a guide for How to Add Dahua IP Camera to DSS.


  • DSS
  • IP Camera
  • Connected network

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. Select General ➞ Device ➞ You can choose either "Auto Search" to auto search for a IP camera or "Add" to Manually add a camera.

dss add camera wiki.png

Step 2. If Automatically searching for device choose Auto Search ➞ Choose and check mark device to be added ➞ Edit Operation by selecting the Add icon.

dss add camera wiki1.png

  • Make necessary changes if needed ➞ Input Device Name ➞ Select OK

dss add camera wiki2.png

Step 3. If Manually Adding Device Input IP Address of IP Camera ➞ Input correct credentials if not default ➞ Input Device Name ➞ Select OK.

dss add camera wiki.3png.png