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DSS Express V8 - Playback


This guide will show the options that available for Playback in DSS Express V8 Client.


  • DSS Express V8 Server and Client
  • Dahua Device connected to the network
  • Dahua Device added to DSS Express V8 - Click here for how-to add device instruction.

Step by Step Instructions

1.Login to DSS Express Client and click on Monitoring Center.

DSS Express Client Home Licensed.jpg

2. Click on Playback and select the camera channel under Resources.

DSS Express V8 Monitoring Playback Main.jpg

Below is the operation menu that available under Playback.

DSS Express V8 Monitoring Playback.jpg

SMD Search

DSS Express V8 Monitoring Playback SMD.jpg

If you would like to download video footage, please click here for instruction.