CMS/DSS/Add Encoder

How to Add an Encoder


This is a guide for How to Add an Encoder.


  • DSS
  • Connected network
  • Encoder

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. From the Main Menu Select the General Tab ➞ Device ➞ Device ➞ Encoder

Dss encoder 6.png

Step 2. You may select Auto search or Add to manually input info.

  • For Auto Search Select Auto Search ➞ Select Device to be added ➞ Select Add

Dss encoder1.png

Input Org. ➞ Choose Video Server ➞ Input User name and Password ➞ Select OK

Dss encoder2.png

  • To Manually Add Select Add ➞ Select Video Server ➞ Input IP address of device ➞ Enter port number ➞ Enter User name and Password ➞ Select Organization encoder will belong to  

Dss encoder4.png 

  • Select Getting Info ➞ Input Device Name ➞ Input Device SN ➞ Select Device Type ➞ Select Stream Type ➞ Select OK 

Dss encoder 5.png