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Auto Tracking

Enable Function

Log direct into camera's webui

Setting > PTZ > Function > Intelligence

Check the box to enable Auto Track

Set Duration time as desired

Click Save

PTZ auto track.png


Icon for type WebUI Old.pngWebUI Old


  • Disclaimer - Auto Tracking and Panoramic view will not work simultaneously

PTZ tracking is an innovative feature that transforms manually controlled PTZ cameras into automated tracking systems that keep an moving object in focus and centered in the frame. It follows the object where stationary cameras would lose the object once out of the fixed cameras field of view.


  • IVS and Auto-Tracking Capable PTZ -Model will end with an, "I" Example: SD6AE230F-HNI

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. Login to your PTZ's web interface.

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 1.png

2. Click, "Setup"

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 2.png

3. Click, "PTZ Settings" then, "Function"

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 3.png

4. Click, "Preset" and use the arrows to position the camera in the desired position for your first preset, click, "Add" then click the save icon. Repeat for as many preset locations as you wish.

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 4.png

5. Click, "Save"

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 5.png

6. Click, "Event" then click, "Smart Plan"

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 6.png

7. Click, "Add Plan" and select the preset you wish to establish with an IVS rule.

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 7.png

8. Select, "IVS" for the corresponding presets, and click, "Save"

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 8.png

9. Under, "Event" click, "IVS"

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 9.png

10. Click the plus sign in the upper right to add the IVS rule.

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 10.png

11. Select the rule type in the drop down menu.

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 11.png

12. Click, "Draw Rule" and, using left-click, draw the region you wish to establish for the IVS rule. To finish drawing the rule, right click.

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 12.png -> IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 13.png

13. Check the box next to, "Alarm Track"

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 14.png

14. Click, "Save"

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 15.png

Icon for type WebUI New.pngWebUI New


This Article will cover the setup of IVS Auto Tracking using an N52B3P and a 59430UNI Network PTZ.


  • An NVR using the new Black interface.
  • a PTZ Model that supports IVS Auto Tracking.
  • Established Presets in the PTZ.
  • A Windows PC on the same network as the NVR.

Video Instructions

Step By Step Instructions

Note: In order to set up IVS auto Tracking a preset will need to be created in the camera prior to set up. In in this guide it will be assumed that a preset exists already, for assistance on how to set up a preset, visit PTZ Setup

1. From the main page of the recorder web UI, select AI as shown in the image below, and choose Parameters in the left-hand menu.

2. Under Parameters, select Smart Plan in this section define the PTZ channel as well as the preset which can be set through the Add drop down. Once camera and preset have been set, be sure to click OK in the bottom right to save.

AutoTrack NWGUI-3.PNG

3. Next, select IVS under parameters and use the + to add a rule, this example will be using Intrusion with both Appear and Cross selected. Direction will be set to both which will use both options of Enter & Exit. Click OK to save.

4. Once complete the camera should Auto Track based on the IVS rule.

Icon for type SmartPSS.pngSmartPSS


This article will show you how to setup PTZ Auto-Tracking in SmartPSS 2.0


  • Dahua PTZ with Auto-Tracking
  • SmartPSS
  • Dahua PTZ with Auto-Tracking added to SmartPSS

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. Launch SmartPSS, and click, "Live View"

Auto Track SmartPSS-2 1.png

2. Locate the Dahua PTZ in the device tree, right click on the device, and click, "IVS Channel Cfg"

Auto Track SmartPSS-2 2.png

3. A window will pop up, from here you can move the PTZ around, and establish Pre-Sets. IVS rules are all based on established Pre-Sets first. Once you have the PTZ in the desired position click, "Add Scene"

Auto Track SmartPSS-2 3.png

4. Click, "Next" to proceed to the next step.

Auto Track SmartPSS-2 4.png

5. Select one of the IVS options. For these instructions we will select the first icon for, "IVS"

Auto Track SmartPSS-2 5.png

6. Click, "Next" to proceed to the next step.

Auto Track SmartPSS-2 6.png

7. On this page you can configure the Detection zone for this IVS rule. Click, "Detection Zone"

Auto Track SmartPSS-2 7.png

8. Draw a rectangle around the region you wish to establish as the Detection Zone. Add a new line with Left-Click, and complete drawing the region with Right-Click.

Auto Track SmartPSS-2 8.png

9. Click, "Apply" to save the Detection Region.

Auto Track SmartPSS-2 9.png

10. Next click, "Rule Config"

Auto Track SmartPSS-2 10.png

11. Click, "Add Rule"

Auto Track SmartPSS-2 11.png

12. Select the IVS rule you wish to establish.

Auto Track SmartPSS-2 12.png

13. Draw a rectangle around the region you wish to establish as the zone for the IVS rule. Add a new line with Left-Click, and complete drawing the region with Right-Click.

Auto Track SmartPSS-2 13.png

14 Click, "Apply" then, "Save"

Auto Track SmartPSS-2 14.png