NVR/Basic Setup/Right Click Menu

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Right Click Menu


After you logged in the device, right click mouse, you can see the short cut menu.

  • Window split mode: You can select window amount and then select channels.
  • PTZ: Click it to go to PTZ interface.
  • Auto focus: It is to set auto focus function. Please make sure the connected network camera supports this function.
  • Color setting: Set video corresponding information.
  • Search: Click it to go to Search interface to search and playback a record file.
  • Record control: Enable/disable record channel.
  • Alarm output: It is to set alarm output mode.
  • Remote device: Search and add a remote device.
  • Alarm output: Generate alarm output signal manually.
  • Main menu: Go to system main menu interface.

Tips:Right click mouse to go back to the previous interface.