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  • High definition, real-time
  • Support HDCVI video format 720p/25、720p/30、720p/50、720p/60、1080p/25、1080p/30
  • UPnP, easy installation
  • Metal plate is used for the structure, fully enclosed dustproof design
  • Industrial wide temperature design

Compatible Body Type

  • X

Compatible IP Cameras

  • X

Compatible HD-CVI Cameras

  • X


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Model PFO2910T PFO2910R
Physical Port SFP+(Single-mode fiber)、16*BNC、2*RS485
Transmission Distance 0-20km
Input/ Output Wave Length 1310nm / 1550nm 1550nm / 1310nm
Input Auto Cable Balance 1080p:75-5 coaxial support 300m
720p :75-5 coaxial support 500m
Input/Output Impedance 75Ω
Sampling Bandwidth 10bit
Power DC12V
Power Consumption <24W <20W
Application Humidity 10%-90%
High&Low temperature ﹣40℃~70℃
Weight 3390g
Dimension(W×D×H) 440mm×300mm×43.65mm
Installation Rack-mounted