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How to use E-Map


  • SmartPSS V1.13 or higher
  • PC
  • Internet Connection

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1) Select E-Map from Home Page

Emap 1.png

2) Select "Add Map" → Name Map → Find File of Map to be used → Map description → click "Save" and Map will be come into view.

Emap 2.png Emap3.png

3) On the top left select the "Edit tab". This will allow to add cameras to the E-Map

Emap 4.png

4) On the right-hand side you will see a list of recorders and cameras to select. Choose recorder → choose cameras → click on camera to highlight. You may now drag the chosen camera to any part of the map or floor plan. Note: you must be on the edit tab to select cameras to drag onto the map.

Emap 5.png

5) From the "View" tab, on the map you can double click on the cameras to view live stream. You may view multiple cameras simultaneously.

Emap 6.png Emap 7.png