Access Control/How To Setup Multi Card Unlock in SmartPSS Lite

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How To Setup Multi-Card Unlock in SmartPSS Lite


This article will cover how to setup Multi-card Unlock for Access Control on SmartPSS Lite


Video Instructions

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Step by Step Instructions

1. Open SmartPSS Lite.
Click on Home at the top.
Click on Access Solution on the left.
Then click on Access Configuration


2. Click on Advanced Config on the left.
Click on the Multi-Card Unlock tab at the top.
Then click on User Group at the top


3. Click on + Add


4. Enter the name of this User Group in the User Group Name field.
Check the boxes on the left next to the users you want to add to this group.
Click on OK


5. You will see the added User Group in the list.
Click the X at the top right to close this window


6. Click on + Add at the top


7. Select which door this rule will be applied to via the Door drop-down.
Check the box next to the user group.
Double-click on the field below Valid Count and enter the number of users from the User Group required to authenticate to open this door.
Click the drop-down below Unlock Mode and choose which authentication method is requires: Card, Password, or Fingerprint.
Click on OK at the bottom


8. You will see the saved Multi-Card Unlock rule in the list.
The chosen door will now require the number of "Valid Count" users from the User Group to authenticate before that door will unlock