Access Control/How to Add Users to DSSExpress

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To add Users to DSS Express you will need to use the Personnel Management Module on DSS Express. The Personnel Management Module hosts Cards, PINs, Fingerprints, Vehicle information. For Access Control we will be using Cards, PINs, Fingerprints and Door Group access


Step by Step Instructions

1. Go to Personnel Management.

How to add Users to DSS Express-1.png

2. Click on Add

How to add Users to DSS Express-2.png

3. You can now assign a name and picture to the user. The rest of the information is not mandatory but is there for more detailed information. Click on OK to finish

How to add Users to DSS Express-3.png

4. The User entry will appear if done correctly

How to add Users to DSS Express-4.png

Learn How to add PINs to Users on DSS Express