LincX2PRO/Setup PIR Sensor

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Setup PIR Sensor


This guide will show how to adjust the PIR sensor Region and Light on Time settings for the LincX2PRO devices: L26N and C26EN



DMSS New Icon.png DMSS

1. Launch the DMSS Mobile App.

Tap on Device at the bottom to access your added device list.
Select one of your added devices that you wish to setup/modify Floodlight Settings for. Tap on ... .


2. Select Device Details


3. Scroll down and select Floodlight Settings


4. Tap on Select Mode


5. Select PIR from the list.
Tap on OK


6. Select Brightness


7. Adjust the slider under Brightness Settings to the desired brightness level for the floodlight.
When you are done, select Save at the top


8. Select Color Temperature


9. Select Cool if you want a blue-ish color for the light or select Warm if you want a yellow-ish color for the light


10. Select PIR Region


11. Drag the slider on the left for the amount of distance you want the PIR to monitor. (100% = 10m [32.81 ft])
Tap the 3 zones either ON or OFF.
Select Save at the top


12. Select Light Duration


13. Select the duration the light will stay on once activated.
Tap on OK


IDMSS Plus Icon2.jpgMobile:iDMSS Plus & gDMSS Plus


  • L26 or C26 LincX2Pro Device
  • iDMSS / gDMSS installed, device setup and added to app

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. From the home screen select Device

LincX2Pro - Setup PIR Region - 1.jpg

2. Select the device from the list

LincX2Pro - Setup PIR Region - 2.jpg

3. Select Floodlight

LincX2Pro - Setup PIR Region - 3.jpg

4. Select PIR Region

LincX2Pro - Setup PIR Region - 4.jpg

5. Tap a Zone to disable/enable

LincX2Pro - Setup PIR Region - 5.jpg

6. Use the slide to adjust the range of the Zones

LincX2Pro - Setup PIR Region - 6.jpg

7. Press the Save icon in the top right to save settings

LincX2Pro - Setup PIR Region - 7.jpg