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*IP address of the NVR on the LAN
*IP address of the NVR on the LAN
===Step by Step Setup Instructions===
===Step by Step Setup Instructions===

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How to Connect to an NVR over LAN


  • NKB3000
  • NVR
  • IP address of the NVR on the LAN

Step by Step Setup Instructions

1. Connect a network, and power cable to your NKB3000. The screen should look like the below image once booted.


2. Hit General on the NKB3000.


3. Input your NKB3000's password, and hit Enter.


Note: The default NKB3000 credentials are as follows: User Name: admin Password: admin

4. Using the joystick, navigate to "Settings" and press, "Enter"


5. Using the joystick, navigate to "Network" and press, "Enter"


6. Check DHCP or connect to your wireless network and select save:

NKB3k017.JPG NKB3k018.JPG

7. After connecting to a network go to the main menu and select Device:


8. Select refresh and the page should populate IP cameras and NVRs on your network. Select the NVR you want to display and select ADD


9. Go to the main menu and Select Input


10. Select the Camera you want to add via any NVR that you've added and select sync.


11. Now select Account on the Main Menu:


12. Now Modify or create a user account (or use 666666 - user)


13. Also add the camera or NVR onto the user account, you can also select the channels to be added from here on an NVR.


14. Logout and login to the user account


15. Select Device List


16. Make sure your Device (IPC or NVR) populates in this field.


17. Go back to the Main Menu and select Control


18. Select NetKeyboard, and double click/press the local preview. You can also setup how many windows you want to be displayed at a time on the bottom row of menu items, as well as full screen, and PTZ controls.


19. Now select the input tab that looks like a camera (upper right corner of the screen) and select the NVR and then under it the channel you want to display.


20. Now click or press and hold the camera and drag it to the area you want it to display in.


21. Wait a few moments and wait for the video to cache, and then you should have live video feed.


  • note you can control HDCVI PTZ cameras through your Tribrid NVR