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NVR/Basic Setup/Navigation Bar

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NVR Navigation Bar

Enable Navigation Bar

You need to go to the Main menu->Setting->System->General to enable navigation bar function; otherwise you can not see the following interface.

Navigation Bar


(This function is for some series only.)

Click NVRNavBarViewIcon.png to select screen 2, you can view an interface shown as below. This is a navigation bar for screen 2.

Click any screen split mode; HDMI2 screen can display corresponding screens. Now you can control two screens. 



  • Screen 2 funciton is null if tour is in process. Please disable tour funciton first,
  • Right now, the screen 2 operation can only be realized on the navigation bar. The operations on the right-click menu are for screen 1 only.

Output Screen

Select corresponding window-split mode and output channels.

NVRNavBarIconTour.jpgTour Enable tour, the icon becomesNVRNavBarIconTour2.jpg, you can see the tour is in process.

NVRNavBarIconPTZ.jpgPTZ System goes to the PTZ control interface.

NVRNavBarIconColor.jpgColor System goes to the color interface. Please make sure system is in one-channel mode.

NVRNavBarIconSearch.jpgSearch System goes to search interface.

NVRNavBarIconAlarmStatus.jpgAlarm Status System goes to alarm status interface. This is to view device status and channel status.

NVRNavBarIconChannelInfo.jpgChannel Info System goes to the channel information setup interface. This is to view information of the corresponding channel.

NVRNavBarIconRemoteDevice.jpgRemote Device System goes to the remote device interface.

NVRNavBarIconNetwork.jpgNetwork System goes to the network interface. It is to set network IP address, default gateway and etc.

NVRNavBarIconHDDManage.jpgHDD Manager System goes to the HDD manager interface. It is to view and manage HDD information.

NVRNavBarIconUSBManage.jpgUSB Manager System goes to the USB Manager interface. It is to view USB information, backup and update.