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NVR Interface-Backup


File Backup

In this interface, you can backup record file to the USB device.

  1. Connect USB burner, USB device or portable HDD and etc to the device.
  2. From Main Menu->Backup, you can go to the Backup interface. 
  3. Select backup device and then set channel, file start time and end time.
  4. Click add button, system begins search. All matched files are listed below. System automatically calculates the capacity needed and remained.
  5. System only backup files with a √ before channel name. You can use Fn or cancel button to delete √ after file serial number.
  6. Click backup button, you can backup selected files. There is a process bar for you reference.
  7. When the system completes backup, you can see a dialogue box prompting successful backup.
  8. Click backup button, system begins burning. At the same time, the backup button becomes stop button. You can view the remaining time and process bar at the left bottom.


    • During backup process, you can click ESC to exit current interface for other operation (For some series product only). The system will not terminate backup process.
    • The file name format usually is: Channel number+Record type+Time. In the file name, the YDM format is Y+M+D+H+M+S. File extension name is .dav.