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New GUI - Audio Record Setup


This article will go over setup for audio recording on our New GUI devices


  • Recorder with New GUI
  • Supported camera with built in Microphone


  • Supported microphone plugged into device and powered on

Note: Please reference the specification sheet for the device to confirm which audio features it supports, this can vary between models of recorder

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

Enable audio source

1. 1. Login using a web browser.


2. Click on Setting > Camera.

New Web UI Setting Camera.jpg|

3. Click on Encode. And then select the camera channel that support audio.

Enable HDCVI Audio Select Channel.jpg|

4. Click on More.

Enable HDCVI Audio Encode More.jpg

5. Click on the checkmark to enable Audio.

Enable HDCVI Audio.jpg

6. Select the Audio source for your HD-CVI camera. If your HD-CVI camera has built-in Microphone, select HDCVI as the audio source. Local option is if you are connecting external microphone to the recorder.

Enable HDCVI Audio Select Source.jpg

7. Click OK, and then click OK again on the bottom right hand corner.

Enable HDCVI Audio Save.jpg

Setup audio recording

1. Login using a web browser.


2. Main menu 1st screen.


3. Main menu 2nd screen.


4. Click on the Audio Option.


5. Audio File Manager Option.