PTZ Activation Setup

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How to Set Up PTZ Activation Via Stationary Camera on a NVR


This article will explain setting up a fixed camera on motion detection to trigger a NVR to move a PTZ to a preset.


  • Dahua IP camera (motion detection capability)
  • Dahua NVR or HDCVI DVR (both cameras added)
  • Dahua Network PTZ (with at least 1 preset)

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. Log into the NVR.


2. Select setup.


3. Select Event -> Video Detection then select the Enable checkbox. Make sure period and region are set up correctly and trigger appropriately. Now check PTZ Activation and then select setup.


4. On the channel with the PTZ select the preset function and then type in the preset and then select OK.


5. Now select OK to Successfully saved! and wait 1 minute.


6. Go ahead and test this solution!