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Setup Remote Access via P2P using SmartPSS


This allows you to view cameras on SmartPSS using P2P.


  • SmartPSS
    SmartPSS Download
    How to Install SmartPSS
  • SN Number of device located on bottom of device recorder. Can also be located from the local menu of the recorder under menu -> system info or from Dahua Web service under Setup -> Network -> P2P
  • P2P must be enabled from the main menu of the recorder under Settings -> Network -> P2P or from Dahua Web Service under Setup -> Network -> P2P.

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. Locate the serial number of your NVR or DVR. The serial number can be found at the following locations:

  • On the underside or side of the unit


  • In the web interface, under Info->Version


  • On the system interface under Main Menu->Settings->Network->P2P


  • On the system interface under Main Menu->Info->System->Version


2. Launch SmartPSS and select Device.


3. Click Add, change method to P2P.


4. Enter credentials, save and then add.



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