USA/IPCamera/Super/DH IPC EBW86A0N

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Specifications Manual Firmware

Build Date: 12-27-2016


EOL: End of Life

EOL Date: 8/30/2017

Suggested Replacement

N68BR4(6MP Panoramic H.265 coming soon)

Compatible Accessories

Compatible Accessories
Accessories Combo 1 PFA132PFA132
Accessories Combo 2 PFA100PFA100 PFB302SPFB302S
Accessories Combo 3 PFA100PFA100 PFB300CPFB300C
Accessories Combo 4 PFA100PFA100 PFB302SPFB302S PFA150PFA150
Accessories Combo 5 PFA100PFA100 PFB300CPFB300C PFA150PFA150
Accessories Combo 6 PFA132PFA132 PFA152PFA152
Accessories Combo 7 PFA100PFA100 PFB302SPFB302S PFA152PFA152
Accessories Combo 8 PFA100PFA100 PFB302SPFB302S PFA151PFA151

Reset Button

EBW8600N Reset Button.JPG


A dark uneven ring appears on a fish eye camera