3rdParty/How To Add A Digital Watchdog Camera to A Dahua Recorder

How to Add a Digital Watchdog Camera to a Dahua Recorder


This article will cover how to add a Digital Watchdog IP camera to a Dahua NVR, DVR, or XVR


Step by Step Instructions

1. Open Digital Watchdog IP config and select "Scan for Devices".
When the camera shows up in the list select "Click" under "IP Conf."


2. Set the "IP Configuration Mode" to "Static IP", then change the IP Address to an IP address on the same IP Scheme as the Dahua recorder.
Make a note of the "Web Port".
Change the "Username" and "Password" to credentials you will remember.
Select "Apply" to save your changes.


3. Log into the web interface of the Dahua recorder and go to Setup -> Image -> Registration.
Select "Manual Add".


4. Change the Manufacturer to "Onvif".
Type in the IP address of the Digital Watchdog camera from Step 2.
Type in the "Web Port" from Step 2 in "HTTP Port".
Type in the Username and Password from Step 2.
Select "OK" at the bottom to save the changes.
You should see the camera listed on the bottom of the registration page with a Green Checkmark next to it.


5. Open the Live Preview and select the newly added camera to see a live stream of the camera.