3rd Party Hardware/AppleTV/View Camera Feeds via Webcam HQ

View Camera Feeds via Webcam HQ


These instructions will show you how to pull a video feed from a Dahua device, and display it from your AppleTV using a paid application called Webcam HQ - CCTV Viewer.


Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

Example of Working RTSP URL: rtsp://

Example Information

Model: 59430UNI

IP Address:

HTTP Port: 80

TCP Port: 37777

RTSP Port: 554

User Name: admin

Password: password1234

Information Gathering

In order to pull a video feed from a Dahua device, and view it from an AppleTV, we must use the RTSP stream.

1. Using the ConfigTool, locate your target device.

AppleTV Setup Webcam HQ1.png

2. You can either login to the device, or use the ConfigTool to identify the port information.

AppleTV Setup Webcam HQ2.png AppleTV Setup Webcam HQ3.png

3. Now that we have all the device information its time to build a RTSP URL, and test it.

Example URL Breakdown: rtsp://(IP ADDRESS):(RTSP PORT)/cam/realmonitor?channel=(CHANNEL NUMBER)&subtype=0&unicast=true&proto=Onvif

Working Example: rtsp://

Note: Be sure to remove the brackets around IP ADDRESS, RTSP PORT, and CHANNEL NUMBER

AppleTV Setup Webcam HQ4.png

4. Open, "VLC Media Player" click, "File" and then, "Open Network Stream"

AppleTV Setup Webcam HQ5.png

5. Copy, and Paste the URL into the window that popped up, and click, "Play"

AppleTV Setup Webcam HQ6.png

6. You should have a window pop up asking for your device's user name and password. Input that information, and click, "OK"

AppleTV Setup Webcam HQ7.png => AppleTV Setup Webcam HQ8.png

7. You should now see the video feed from VLC Media Player.

AppleTV Setup Webcam HQ9.png

AppleTV Setup

1. Download and install Webcam HQ - CCTV Viewer from the iTunes App Store.

AppleTV Setup Webcam HQ10.png

2. Launch the application, and click, "Add a camera"

AppleTV Setup Webcam HQ11.png

3. Input the camera's information exactly as you tested it earlier with VLC Media Player.

AppleTV Setup Webcam HQ12.png

4. Once complete, you should see the video feed on the left hand side.

AppleTV Setup Webcam HQ13.png

5. Click, "Save"

AppleTV Setup Webcam HQ14.png

6. You should now be able to view the video feed from your AppleTV.

AppleTV Setup Webcam HQ15.png