3rd Party VMS/Control4/Integration Features

Control4 Integration Features

Driver Features

  • Allows NVR Icon on Watch Menu, and Connection paths for HDMI and VGA into a Control4 video system
  • Event Connection for Triggers FROM NVR (using either, connection binding or Composer Event)
  • NUMBER buttons select that channel (example: Button 6 = Camera 6 on the TV)
  • Setup RED, GREEN, YELLOW, and BLUE buttons to trigger different views on TV
  • Uses Control4’s cable Proxy
  • Connection paths for camera proxy interface

Description of Items in Driver

  • Driver Version-Current Driver version install on project
  • Driver Persistence-Current saved state of driver data. (note: if this says, ‘Not Saved’ and director reboots, the data will not be available on Load of driver).
  • Driver Information-Driver Specific information
  • Debug Mode (Default: Off)-Used to view the driver log. Debug will turn off automatically after 15 minutes
  • Device Connection-Current Device State (Online or Offline, Failed to Check in)
  • Polling Timer (Seconds)-Amount of time between polling checks. If 0 then polling is disabled.
  • NVR IP Address
  • IP address of NVR
  • NVR Username-Username used to log into NVR
  • NVR Password-Password used to log into NVR
  • # of Channels-The quantity of channels on NVR, example: 4, 8, 16, 256
  • NVR Model-Will display the Model number of the NVR attached to the driver
  • Remote RED Button-Shortcut for RED Room Command (default: 4 Split Group 0)
  • Remote GREEN Button-Shortcut for GREEN Room Command (default: 4 Split Group 1)
  • Remote YELLOW Button-Shortcut for YELLOW Room Command (default: 8 Split)
  • Remote BLUE Button-Shortcut for BLUE Room Command (default: 9 Split)
  • Server Communication Port-The port used for Event Notification (default: unused port chosen during initial setup automatically)

Security Icon Visible on Watch Menu

Control4 ExampleImage4.JPG

Camera Feeds Visible Under Rooms

Control4 ExampleImage5.JPG

NVR Remote Control

Control4 Remote Control.png

Camera Viewer

Control4 Camera Viewer.png

IP Camera Additional Features

Control4 Additional Features.png

Recorder Additional Features

Control4 Additional Features2.png