3rd Party VMS/Control4/Setup Event Notification Trigger

Setup Event Notification Trigger



Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. Log into NVR or use GUI and go to Setup

2. Select Network, Alarm Center

3. Enable Alarm Center

4. Protocol Type: ALARM CENTER

5. Host IP: IP Address of Director

6. Port: Port listed on Driver Property: Server Communication Port

7. Self-report Time: Never

Control4 Setup5.png

8. Select Event (choose which event you want to monitor)

9. Choose which event you want Control4 to be notified of

10. Create proper event action. The event action should be Alarm Upload

11. In Composer, Select: Alarm Upload Event and add actions associated with event

Control4 Setup6.png

NOTE: Currently there is only a single notification that can come from the NVR.