3rd Party VMS/Interlogix/Add Interlogix IP Camera to Dahua Recorder

Add Interlogix IP Camera to Dahua Recorder


This tutorial is showing how to enable motion detection on an Interlogix camera and Dahua recorder.


  • Interlogix camera
  • Dahua recorder

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. Please note the Interlogix camera default IP address is and it is using the same password as the Dahua recorder.
1. Note - Interlogix.png

2. To enable motion detection on the Interlogix camera, please follow the steps below:
Configuration => Events => Enable Motion Detection => Highlight the image so the red grid fills the section where motion will be detection
2. Enable Motion Detection - Interlogix.png

3. Save the changes
3. Save The Chnages - Interlogix.png

4. Access the Dahua recorder via HDMI or VGA output and right-click on the mouse to bring out the menu. Select "Main Menu".
4. Main Menu - Interlogix.png

5. Select "Camera"
5. Camera - Interlogix.png

6. Add the Interlogix camera after clicking "Device Search". The added camera will appear on the bottom list and status should be green after a few seconds.
6. Add Camera On Recorder - Interlogix.png

7. Go back to "Main Menu" and select "ALARM".
7. Alarm - Interlogix.png

8. To enable motion detection on the recorder, please follow the below steps:
Video Dection => Motion Detect => Choose the correct camera "Channel" => Turn on "Enable" and make any changes necessary below => Click "Apply" to save the changes
8. Save Changes - Interlogix.png