Access Control/How To Setup DHI ASR1101A


  • The DHI-ASR1101A unit and included hardware
  • An RS485 ready controller capable of using this card reader (DHI-ASI1201A-D)
  • Drill or screw driver
  • Wires for alarm and light
  • DC power supply for device
  • Router or drill bits


1. Drill out a hole where the wiring will enter the wall, and mount the supplied bracket.

2. Connect the wiring according to what inputs and outputs you are configuring, here we will wire a 12VDC supply to the Red wire, Ground (GND) to the Black wire, RS485+ to the Purple wire, and RS485- to the Yellow wire. I am also wiring this device to the DHI-ASI1201A-D.


3. Make sure you have your card setup on the other controller and now give it a test from the DHI-ASR1101A. A Blue light means it is ready to scan, green means the read was successful, and red means the card was rejected.