Access Control/How to Factory Reset DH-ASC2204C-S


This article will cover the two methods of factory defaulting the DH-ASC2204C-S

1. Factory defaulting with Configtool (Requires password)

2. Physical reset method via Dip Switches


  • DH-ASC2204C-S
  • Laptop on the same network as DH-ASC2204C-S

Step by step Instructions

Configtool Method

1. Go to search settings on confitool and enter the current password of the DH-ASC2204C-S, then click on OK

How to Factory Reset DH-ASC2204C-S-1.png

2. On the left menu tabs go to System Settings

How to Factory Reset DH-ASC2204C-S-2.png

3. Select the DH-ASC2204C-S on the left and click on the Restore' tab above.

How to Factory Reset DH-ASC2204C-S-3.png

4. Click on Factory Default

How to Factory Reset DH-ASC2204C-S-4.png

5. Confirm the reset by clicking on OK

How to Factory Reset DH-ASC2204C-S-5.png

Dip Switches Method

1. Make sure the unit is powered on and flip dip switches 1 ,3, 5, and 7 to the ON position

2. Reboot the DH-ASC2204C-S with the switches still ON. The DH-ASC2204C-S will start beeping and after the second beep you can flip the switches back down.

3. The DH-ASC2204C-S will now be defaulted

Default Credentials:
IP: USER: admin Password: admin123