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System Structure


Default IP address for this device is

User name: admin

Password: 888888888


User name: admin

Password: admin

Tapping the Bell icon twice changes between Letters, Numbers, and Symbols


  • Wiegand or RS-485 Interface to Reder
  • TCP/IP to PC, Support for WAN Communication
  • Touch Keyboard and LCD display
  • Supports 30,000 Valid Cards and 150,000 Events
  • Supports Card, Password, Fingerprint and a Combination of Credentials
  • Add Devices in SmartPSS via P2P Connection
  • Door Time Out, Intrusion, Duress and Tamper Alarms
  • Anti-passback and Multi-card Open Options
  • Supports 128 Efficient Time and Holiday Schedules

ASI1212D Wiring Chart




Wiring Guide

This guide demonstrates wiring the 'Ring' function. A light is in place to show when the relay has been successfully triggered

Please reference the device Wiring Guide for the correct relay connections for your purposes

1. Check the wiring diagram to confirm what connections need to be made

For Ring function:


The Red and Black wires labeled CON3 are used

2. Wire the connections in line with the desired devices (and power if required) to complete a circuit.

In this example a light (and external power) is being used to show when the relay has been successfully triggered.

ASI1212D Wiring.jpg

3. After wiring the circuit press the Ring button and the relay should engage

In this example, the light will turn on

ASI1212D Wiring 2.jpg