Accessories/Other/PFM820/Access OSD

Access OSD via PFM820



  • HD-CVI Camera
  • PFM820
  • HD-CVI Camera Power Supply
  • BNC Cable
  • HD-CVI Recorder

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. Press and hold, "Enter" until the button lights up.

PFM820 enter.JPG

2. Press, and hold, "SD" until the light turns off.

PFM820 SD box.jpg

3. Red light should turn on.

PFM820 Status Analog.JPG

4. Press and hold, "Enter" and, "CVI" for 5 seconds to change the mode to, "OSD Menu Mode"

PFM820 Enter SD.jpg

5. Red light should flash.

PFM820 Status Analog.JPG

6. Press, "Enter" You should now be able to access the camera's OSD.

PFM820 SD Enter.jpg

Note: This configuration will time out after 10 seconds of inactivity. Repeat these steps to gain access to the camera's OSD.