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Add Dahua Device via IP


This tutorial is demonstrating how to add recorders/cameras via local/external IP addresses.


  • DMSS installed on the phone
  • Recorder/Cameras already initialized

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. Get the local IP of the recorder on the webui or HDMI monitor. Please note that if an external IP address needed to be used, this will need to be grabbed on the router's webui or it can be grabbed via or and it must be port forwarded.

1. Local IP Address of the Device - DMSS.png

2. Take note of the TCP port.

2. TCP Port - DMSS.png

3. Open the DMSS app on the phone and tap the + sign located on the top right corner then select IP/Domain.

3. Add Device - DMSS.png

4. Select NVR if the added device is recorder.

4. Choose the Correct Device to Add - DMSS.png

5. Input all the information and tap the Save button.

5. Input Info and Save Changes - DMSS.png

6. The live view of the cameras will displayed after it's successfully connected.

6. Live View of the Device - DMSS.png