DMSS/Add Dahua Device via IP

Add Dahua Device via IP


This article will cover how to add Dahua devices via local or external IP addresses.


  • Dahua device already initialized
  • DMSS Installed

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. In the DMSS mobile app tap the + at the top of the Home screen


2. Tap on IP/Domain


3. Tap on the type of Dahua device you are adding.


4. Input the IP address of the device in the field next to Address. (Either the internal IP address if you will be accessing this device from the same network, or the external IP address for outside the network [Please Note: Port Forwarding should already be completed for the TCP port if using an external IP address])
Input the TCP port of the device in the field next to Port.
Give the device a name in the field next to Device Name.
Input the login account username in the field next to Username.
Input the login account password in the field next to Device Password.
Tap on Save at the top.


5. If the device has been successfully added, you will see the live view