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How to troubleshoot lost connection after iOS 14 update


This article is to show how to troubleshoot lost connection issue on DMSS after iOS 14 update.


  • iPhone with iOS 14
  • DMSS App installed

Step by Step instruction

1. After the new released of iOS 14, iPhone user will receive app notification when opening their DMSS App. This message is to ask user if they allow the App to access and connect to DMSS compatible devices in the local network.

ios14 App Notification.png

2. If user press on Don't Allow by accident, it will prevent the app to use Wifi or LAN function to connect to the device.

3. Go to Settings on your iPhone.

ios14 Home Settings.PNG

4. Find and select DMSS.

ios14 App List.PNG

ios14 troubleshoot2.png

5. Enable Local Network.

ios14 troubleshoot3.png