DMSS/Push Notifications Setup

Push Notifications Setup


This guide will show how to enable push notification in DMSS Mobile App.


Step by Step Instructions

Enable notifications for alarm events

1. Launch DMSS Mobile App.

2. Tap on DMSS Icon Live Home.png Home to access your added device list.

3. Tap on the 3 dots to expand the menu list.

3. Home Screen - DMSS Notification.png

4. Tap on "Device Details"

4. Device Details - DMSS Notification.png

5. Tap on "Multi-channel Alarm Subscription" to allow receiving notification.

5. Alarm Subcription - DMSS Notification.png

6. Tap the radio button so the button is highlighted in blue + the white circle should be on the right-hand side now. Select the type of events corresponding to your needs below such as "Motion", "SMD", etc.

6. Enabled Alarm Subcription - DMSS Notification.png

7. If you don't want to receive notification 24/7, you can adjust the schedule here to reflect the preferred schedule.

7. Notification Period - DMSS Notification.png

Note: If you have completed all the steps above and still not able to receive notification, you might need to check notification permission on your mobile phone.