DMSS/Unbind Device

How to submit request to unbind device from Dahua Account


This guide will show to to initiate request to unbind Dahua device from Dahua Account in DMSS Mobile App.


  • DMSS Installed
  • Device Picture which include the SN label
  • Proof of Purchase (if available)

Step by Step Instructions

1. In the event that customer adding a Dahua device that already bound to an account, user will get this following error.

2. Click on Appeal.

DMSS Unbind Device Appeal.png

3. Customer will be asked to upload a picture of their device with serial number label, and Proof of Purchase (if Available). Click on the + icon and you can use your phone camera to take picture, or select the picture from your album.

DMSS Unbind Device Upload Picture.png

4. After Pictures are uploaded, click on Submit.

DMSS Unbind Device Submit.png

The unbind process usually take 1-2 business days. To expedite your request, please call our Technical Support Team at 877-606-1590 and provide them with your device info.