DSS S2/Client/Live View

Live View in DSS Client


This article will show you how to use Live View in DSS Client to view live video from devices added to DSS Server

Live View - DSS Client.jpg


Video Instructions

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Step by Step Instructions

View Live Video

1. Launch and Log in to DSS Client

DSS Client Log In.jpg

2. Click Live View

Live View - DSS Client - 1.jpg

3. The device tree on the left will show video devices currently added to DSS

Live View - DSS Client - 2.jpg

Click the Expand device.jpg icon next to a device to show all channels from the device

4. To view real-time video from a device there are several options:

  • Double click or drag a device to the video window.

Live View - DSS Client - 3.2.jpg

Live View - DSS Client - 3.3.jpg

  • Right click a device in the list, select Tour, then select a time. The system will play (in loops) videos of all channels for the selected device within the set time

Live View - DSS Client - 3.1.jpg

Setup A Custom Screen View

1. To adjust the layout of the video windows or create a custom layout use the icons in the bottom right of the screen:

Live View - DSS Client - 4.jpg

Window layout options DSS Client.jpg

2. To save the current layout click the Save layout DSS Client.jpg icon in the bottom left of the screen

Live View - DSS Client - 5.jpg

3. The Save View window will appear.

Live View - DSS Client - 6.jpg

Enter a name for the View Select which View Group to add View to

Click OK

4. To view all created Views, click to expand the View section on the left side of the screen

Live View - DSS Client - 7.jpg

5. Double click or drag and drop a View in the list to load

Live View - DSS Client - 8.jpg

Right-Click Shortcut Menu

In the Live View video window, right click a window to enter a shortcut menu with various options for viewing and displaying the device

Right Click Shortcut Menu - Live View - DSS Client.jpg

Use the Layout Options in the bottom right of the screen to adjust the Live View to 2X2, 3x3, 4x4, or create your own custom layout