DSS S2/Configure Record Schedule DSS4004S2

Setup Local Recording in DSS4004-S2


This article will cover how to setup local recording into DSS4004-S2.


Video Instruction

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Step by step instruction

Configuring local HDD

1. Install additional HDD to the DSS4004-S2 device.

NOTES: DSS4004-S2 comes with 1 built-in HDD for Operating System. You can add up to 3 additional 2.5" HDD to DSS4004-S2.

DSS4004S2 HDD.jpg

2. Launch DSS Client software.

DSS Client Log In.jpg

3. Go to Config.

4. Click on Storage.

Config Storage.jpg

5. Your installed HDD information will shown under Local Disk.

Config Storage Localdisk.jpg

6. Click on the gear icon to set the record type.

Config Storage Setup.jpg

7. With the latest version, you will have option to select Video, ANPR Picture (License Plate Capture), or a Picture (Snapshot). To allocate HDD to record videos, please select Video and click OK.

Config Storage Disktype.jpg

Setup record schedule

1. Select Cameras that you want to record under root.

Config Cameralist.jpg

2. Click on Recording Configuration.

Config Recording Info.jpg

3. Select the Position to Store on Server.

4. Select the Stream type you want to record.

5. Create or select the Time Template for recording.

Config Recording Configuration.jpg

6. Click Apply and OK.

Config Recording Configuration2.jpg

7. The camera you selected is now recording to Local Disk in DSS4004-S2.

Config Recording Configuration3.jpg