EVS/Date and Time

Date and Time


This guide will show how to adjust the Date and Time for a EVS device


  • EVS device powered on, set up and connected to the network
  • Computer with network access
  • IP address of EVS device

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. Log into the EVS System Manager by typing the IP in to a web browser

Enter the Username and Password and click Login

EVS - Date and Time - 1.jpg

2. Click Setup

EVS - Date and Time - 2.jpg

3. Click General

EVS - Date and Time - 3.jpg

4. Click The 'Date Setting' tab

EVS - Date and Time - 4.jpg

5. Use the top section to adjust the Date and Time using the drop-down boxes

EVS - Date and Time - 5.jpg

6. Click the drop-down next to Time Zone to set the Time Zone for the server

EVS - Date and Time - 6.jpg

7. Click 'Sync PC' to automatically sync the time with the system time of the computer accessing the EVS

EVS - Date and Time - 7.jpg

8. DST

Use the checkbox to enable the DST (Daylight Savings Time)

Select the DST Type

Use the drop-down box to select the Start and End Time for the Daylight Savings Time adjustment

EVS - Date and Time - 8.jpg

9. NTP

Use the checkbox to enable NTP (Network Time Protocol)

Enter information for the NTP server (if other than default)

Interval - set a time period for how often the server checks time, in minutes

EVS - Date and Time - 9.jpg

10. Click OK to save all settings

EVS - Date and Time - 10.jpg