Remove or Delete RAID


This guide will show how to delete a RAID that has been created on a EVS device


  • EVS device powered on, set up and connected to the network
  • RAID created in EVS - How To Setup RAID in EVS
  • Computer with network access
  • IP address of EVS device

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. Log into the EVS System Manager by typing the IP in to a web browser

Enter the Username and Password and click Login

EVS - Date and Time - 1.jpg

2. Click Storage

EVS - Setup RAID - 1.jpg

3. Click Raid

EVS - Setup RAID - 2.jpg

4. The current RAID information will be displayed

Left click to highlight the RAID you wish to remove

EVS - Remove RAID - 1.jpg

5. Click the Trash icon under the Delete column to remove the selected RAID

EVS - Remove RAID - 2.jpg

6. A prompt will appear to confirm

Click OK

EVS - Remove RAID - 3.jpg

7. A system message will confirm a successful RAID removal

EVS - Remove RAID - 4.jpg

8. A popup will confirm a successful removal

EVS - Remove RAID - 5.jpg