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Abnormality includes:

  • No SD Card
  • Capacity Warning
  • SD Card Error
  • Disconnection
  • IP Conflict
  • Unauthorized Access





Check to alarm when SD card is abnormal.


Check to enable relay-out alarm.

Relay out delay

The alarm output can delay for the specified time after alarm stops. The value ranges from 10s to 300s.


No SD card, capacity warning, SD card error, relay-out delay all start from alarm occurs.

Send email

After you enabled this function, the system can send out email to alarm the specified user.

This function is invalid when network is offline or IP conflict occurs.

SD Card Capacity Limit

User can set SD card capacity that is left free. When SD card space left is smaller than this limit, alarm occurs.


Only devices with SD card function has the following statuses: 

  • No SD card
  • Capacity warning
  • SD card error.



When device is offline or IP conflicts, the abnormal alarm is similar with case of SD card error. IPCEventNetwork.jpg

Illegal Access

When login password keep been wrong for a few times, unauthorized access alarm occurs.

This operation is similar to SD card error. Allow login error times as when it exceeds this limit, user account will be locked.