FAQ/Disable Audio Multiple IPC

How to disable audio on Dahua IPC in batch


This article is to show how to disable audio input function from Dahua Camera in batch through Config Tool Software.


  • Dahua IPC that supports Audio
  • Latest ConfigTool software
  • Computer that connected to the same switch as Dahua IPC

Note: this below steps only works for all Dahua IPC that has default http port: 80. If you have IPC that has different http port number, please refer to this instruction XXXXX.

Step by Step Instruction

1. Launch the latest version of Config Tool.

2. Click on Search Setting and enter camera password

ConfigTool SearchSetting.png

3. Go to CGI Protocol menu

ConfigTool CGI.png

4. Select the camera that you wish to make changes

Disable Audio CGI Select IPC.png

5. Click on Batch CGICommands

Disable Audio CGI Batch.png

6. Enter the URL Command[0].MainFormat[0].AudioEnable=false

Disable Audio CGI URL.png

7. Click OK.

8. Once its successfully modified, you will see the green checkmark next to the IP address.

Disable Audio CGI Completed.png