FAQ/P2P Troubleshoot Checklist

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P2P Enabled (Dahua Device Only)

Interface Image
WebUI 2019-02-04 8-15-37.png
SystemUI 2019-02-04 8-14-00.png

DHCP Enabled

Interface Image
WebUI 2019-02-01 10-38-59.png
SystemUI 2019-02-04 8-07-28.png

DNS 1 =

Interface Image
WebUI 2019-02-01 10-57-30.png
SystemUI 2019-02-04 8-10-22.png

DNS 2 =

Interface Image
WebUI 2019-02-01 10-57-302.png
SystemUI 2019-02-04 8-10-29.png

Ping Test:Success

SystemUI only.

1. Navigate to Main Menu -> Info -> Network -> Test

2019-02-04 8-19-09.png

2. Input, "" for Destination IP.

2019-02-04 8-20-19.png

3. Click, "Test"

2019-02-04 8-20-199.png

4. Repeat these steps, replace, "" with, "google.com"

2019-02-04 8-23-01.png

Ping Test:Results-Success

Address Status Image
Google.com Success 2019-02-04 8-28-27.png Success 2019-02-04 8-27-25.png

Ping Test:Results-Fail

Address Status Image Troubleshooting Tips
Google.com Fail 2019-02-04 8-29-43.png
  • Check network cable Fail 2019-02-04 8-31-09.png
  • Check network cable

Default TCP Port

  • 37777 for Dahua Device
  • 35000 for FLIR device

Confirm All of the Above, Then Reboot

Reboot the recorder or camera after confirming all the above to be true

Network Sniffer Packet Backup

SystemUI only.

1. Prepare a USB (FAT32 format) and insert into device.

IMG 20190204 090313.jpg

2. Go to P2P page, disable P2P, and click, "Apply".

2019-02-04 8-47-03.png

3. Navigate to Main Menu -> Info -> Network -> Test

2019-02-04 8-19-09.png

4. Click, "Refresh" You should now see, "USB Disk"

2019-02-04 8-49-15.png -> 2019-02-04 8-50-29.png

5. Click, "Sniffer Packet Backup" on the appropriate NIC card to begin the backup.

2019-02-04 8-51-42.png

4. Go to P2P page, enable P2P, and click, "Apply" Then you will get a .pcab file in USB.

2019-02-04 8-52-58.png

5. Navigate to Main Menu -> Info -> Network -> Test

2019-02-04 8-19-09.png

6. Click the Pause button under, "Sniffer Packet Backup"

2019-02-04 8-55-00.png

7. Remove USB drive from recorder, and connect USB drive to PC.

2019-02-04 8-56-54.png

8. You should have one or several *.PCAP files. Please email these files to your Technical Support Representative for further analysis.