FAQ/SD Card Troubleshoot

SD Card Troubleshoot


This page covers general troubleshooting suggestions when working with a SD card intended to be used with Dahua devices

The recommended SD Card for use with Dahua devices is the DH-PFM113

SD Card Lifespan Information

SD Card Info.png


  • SD Card (Class-10 or better)
  • SD Card reader (for connection to computer)
  • Windows computer

Video Instructions

SD-Card Detected but showing, "Error"

Try to format SD-Card, if SD-Card is not, "Normal" after reboot, replace SD-Card.

SD-Card Not Detected

  • SD card might be loose. Which would cause the IP camera not to read recognize the SD card. Check if the SD card is secure. 
  • Check if there is SD card connection pins. Some models may have the slot with no connection pins. If this is the case please refer to the specifications and place of purchase.
  • Check if the SD card in the computer is recognizable and there is no abnormality.
  • It is possible the SD card is bad. Try the SD card in other devices to see if it is recognized. It is possible the connections of the SD card are damaged. If this is the case, refer to the place of purchase.

Restore SD-Card to Factory Defaults

1. Click the following link to the SD Card Formatter website:


Scroll down on the page to SD Memory Card Formatter Download for Windows/Mac

Click the download link for the software (this guide will use the Windows version)

SD Card Troubleshoot - 0-1.jpg

2. Click Accept to accept the software agreement

SD Card Troubleshoot - 0-2.jpg

3. The file will begin to download

SD Card Troubleshoot - 0-3.jpg

4. When the download is complete double click the file to open

SD Card Troubleshoot - 0-4.jpg

5. Drag and drop the folder containing the program into an open directory

Double click to open the folder

SD Card Troubleshoot - 0-5.jpg

6. Double click the installer file - SD Card Formatter 5.0.1 Setup.exe to begin installation

SD Card Troubleshoot - 0-6.jpg

7. Click Next to proceed through the installation and on any additional screens

SD Card Troubleshoot - 0-7.jpg

8. When the installation is complete click Finish

SD Card Troubleshoot - 0-8.jpg

9. Launch the SD Card Formatter program

SD Card Troubleshoot - 1.jpg

10. Confirm the correct drive is selected under 'Select card' drop down box

This can be confirmed in Windows Explorer>This PC

Check the Letter next to the SD card in the list

SD Card Troubleshoot - 2.jpg

11. Click Quick format

SD Card Troubleshoot - 3.jpg

12. Click Format

SD Card Troubleshoot - 4.jpg

13. A prompt will appear to confirm the format

Click Yes

SD Card Troubleshoot - 5.jpg

14. The format will process and an update bar will show the current status

SD Card Troubleshoot - 6.jpg

15. A prompt will appear to confirm a successful format

Click OK

SD Card Troubleshoot - 7.jpg

16. Confirm the SD card has been formatted and is empty

SD Card Troubleshoot - 8.jpg

17. Right click the SD card in the list and select Eject

SD Card Troubleshoot - 9.jpg