FLIR/Add A FLIR IP Camera To gDMSS via IP

How to Add A FLIR IP Camera to gDMSS via IP


This guide will show how to add a FLIR IP Camera to the gDMSS mobile app via IP


  • gDMSS installed on the mobile device
  • FLIR IP Camera, connected to network
  • FLIR IP Camera network information - (IP, HTTP Port)
  • Username/password for FLIR Recorder

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. Open gDMSS

From the Preview window press the Home icon

GDMSS - FLIR IPC - IP - 1.jpg

2. Select Device

GDMSS - FLIR IPC - IP - 2.jpg

3. Press the '+' to add a device

GDMSS - FLIR IPC - IP - 3.jpg

4. Select 'IP/Domain' from the pop-up

GDMSS - FLIR IPC - IP - 4.jpg

5. Select 'Wired Camera'

GDMSS - FLIR IPC - IP - 5.jpg

6. Enter all information for the device:

  • Address - IP address of recorder
  • Port - HTTP Port of recorder
  • Device name - nickname for device in app
  • Username - username
  • Device Password - password

GDMSS - FLIR IPC - IP - 6.jpg

7. Once all information has been entered, press the Save icon in the top right of the screen

GDMSS - FLIR IPC - IP - 7.jpg

8. The app will begin to connect to the device

GDMSS - FLIR IPC - IP - 8.jpg

9. Once the device has been successfully connected it will load into Live Preview

GDMSS - FLIR IPC - IP - 9.jpg