FLIR/Add FLIR Recorder To iDMSS via IP

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How to Add A FLIR Recorder to iDMSS via IP


This article is to show user how to add FLIR Recorder to iDMSS Plus software via IP Address.


1. FLIR Recorder that connected to the network.

2. iDMSS Plus app.

3. P2P must be turned on from the recorder and connected to a network with internet access.

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. Locate and launch iDMSS app on the iPhone.

2. Press on the menu icon and press on Device Manager.

idmss remote 1.PNG

3. Press on + for add button, and press on Camera.

idmss remote 2.PNG

4. Press Wired Device.

idmss remote 3.PNG

5. Press on IP/Domain.

idmss remote 4 2.PNG

6. Enter FLIR recorder information, IP address, port number, and username password.

idmss remote 5 2.PNG

7. Press on Start Live view.

idmss remote 6 1.PNG

8. Camera live view will now playing.

idmss remote 7.PNG