FLIR/Import Devices From Older App Error

How to Remove, "Import" Notification When Launching iDMSS


Screenshot of Error MessageFLIR Cloud Import Error2.jpg

If you were previously using FLIR Cloud to access your devices remotely via iDMSS, you might see a notification stating, "It seems like you have device(s) to import from the older app, would you like to do it now?"

You can select, "Later" to temporarily dismiss this message, but you will still get this notification every time iDMSS is launched.


  • iPhone or iPad
  • FLIR Cloud App
  • iDMSS

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. Open, "Photos" from the iOS device.

FLIR Cloud Import Error7.jpg

2. Click, "See All"

FLIR Cloud Import Error8.jpg

3. Click, "Edit"

FLIR Cloud Import Error9.jpg

4. Click the red minus sign

FLIR Cloud Import Error10.jpg

5. Click, "Delete Album"

FLIR Cloud Import Error11.jpg

6. You should now be able to launch iDMSS without the notification.

FLIR Cloud Import Error12.jpg