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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Problem Solution
NVR will not boot. Input power is not correct.
Power connection is not correct.
Power switch button is damaged.
Program upgrade is wrong.
HDD malfunction or something wrong with HDD ribbon.
Seagate DB35.1, DB35.2,SV35 or Maxtor 17-g has compatibility problem. Please upgrade to the latest version to solve this problem.
Front panel error.
Main board is damaged.
NVR often automatically shuts down or stops running. Input voltage is not stable or it is too low.
HDD malfunction or something wrong wit the ribbon.
Button power is not enough.
Front video signal is not stable.
Working environment is too harsh, too much dust.
Hardware malfunction.
System is unable to detect hard drive. HDD is broken.
HDD ribbon is damaged.
HDD cable connection is loose.
Main board SATA port is broken.
Video loss from 1, multiple, or all channels.
Program is not compatible. Please upgrade to the latest version.
Brightness is 0. Please restore factory default setup.
Check your screen saver.
NVR hardware malfunctions.
I can not search local records.
HDD ribbon is damaged.
HDD is broken.
Upgraded program is not compatible.
The recorded file has been overwritten.
Record function has been disabled
Video is distorted when searching local records.
Video quality setup is too low.
Program read error, bit data is too small. There is mosaic in the full screen. Please restart the NVR to solve this problem.
HDD data ribbon error.
HDD malfunction.
NVR hardware malfunctions.
Time display is not correct.
Setup is not correct
Battery contact is not correct or voltage is too low.
Crystal is broken.
NVR can not control PTZ
Front panel PTZ error
PTZ decoder setup, connection or installation is not correct.
Cable connection is not correct.
PTZ setup is not correct.
PTZ decoder and NVR protocol is not compatible.
PTZ decoder and NVR address is not compatible.
When there are several decoders, please add 120 Ohm between the PTZ decoder A/B cables furthest end to delete the reverberation or impedance matching. Otherwise the PTZ control is not stable.
The distance is too far.
Unable to login to WebGUI
For Windows 98 or Windows ME user, please update your system to Windows 2000 sp4. Or you can install client-end software of lower version. Please note right now, our NVR is not compatible with Windows VISTA control.
ActiveX control has been disabled.
No dx8.1 or higher. Please upgrade display card driver.
Network connection error.
Network setup error.
Password or user name is invalid.
Client-end is not compatible with NVR program.
There is only mosaic no video when preview or playback video file remotely.
Network fluency is not good.
Client-end resources are limit.
Current user has no right to monitor.
Network connection is not stable.
IP address conflict.
MAC address conflict.
PC or device network card is not good.
Keyboard can not control NVR.
NVR serial port setup is not correct
Address is not correct
When there are several switchers, power supply is not enough.
Transmission distance is too far.
Alarm signal can not been disarmed.
Alarm setup is not correct.
Alarm output has been open manually.
Input device error or connection is not correct.
Some program versions may have this problem. Please upgrade your system.
Alarm function is null.
Alarm setup is not correct.
Alarm cable connection is not correct.
Alarm input signal is not correct.
There are two loops connect to one alarm device.
Record storage period is not enough.
Camera quality is too low. Lens is dirty. Camera is installed against the light. Camera aperture setup is not correct.
HDD capacity is not enough.
HDD is damaged.
Can not playback the downloaded file.
There is no media player.
No DXB8.1 or higher graphic acceleration software.
There is no DivX503Bundle.exe control when you play the file transformed to AVI via media player.
No DivX503Bundle.exe or ffdshow-2004 1012 .exe in Windows XP OS.
Forgot local menu operation password or network password
Please contact your local service engineer or our sales person for help. We can guide you to solve this problem.
There is no video. The screen is in black.
IPC IP address is not right.
IPC port number is not right.
IPC account (user name/password) is not right.
IPC is offline.
The displayed video is not full in the monitor.
Please cheek current resolution setup. If the current setup is 1920*1080, then you need to set the monitor resolution as 1920*1080
There is no HDMI output.
Displayer is not in HDMI mode.
HDMI cable connection is not right.
The video is not fluent when I view in multiple-channel mode from the client-end.
The network bandwidth is not sufficient. The multiple-channel monitor operation needs at least 100M or higher.
Your PC resources are not sufficient. For 16-ch remote monitor operation, the PC shall have the following environment: Quad Core, 2G or higher memory, independent displayer, display card memory 256M or higher.
I can not connect to the IPC
Please make sure the IPC has booted up.
IPC network connection is right and it is online
The device has connected to the too many IPC. It can not transmit the video.
Check the IPC port value and the time zone is the same as the NVR.
Make sure current network environment is stable.
After I set the NVR resolution as 1080P, my monitor can not display.
Shut down the device and then reboot. When you reboot, please press the Fn button at the same time and then release after 5 seconds. You can restore NVR resolution to the default setup.
After I login the Web, I can not find the remote interface to add the IPC.
Please clear the Web controls and load again.
I use the VGA montior. If I use the multple-window mode, I see the video from the main stream or the sub stream.
For 32-channel series product, the 9/16-window is using the sub stream.
For 4/8/16 series product, system is using the main stream no matter you are in what display mode.


IP Camera

IP Camera FAQ
Problem Solution
My IP Camera is off line from time to time
Check if the network environment is good and the network cable hole plug of IPC end is loose.
Check if there is IP conflict.
Check if the device is under normal power supply.
Check if the device upgraded to a wrong program.
My IP Camera is off line from time to time
Log in again to check if upgrade is successful, because sometimes the progress bar doesn’t show feedback in time due to the network environment.
Check if the network environment is normal, and there is disconnection or power failure during upgrade.
Check if the program and the device are matched.
I can use “Ping” to test that the IPC is on line after upgrade, but fail to log in.
Check if the WEB port was modified.
Reset the device and log in again.
There is no code stream when I log in and the network program restarts constantly after upgrade.
Check if there is IP conflict or network disconnection.
Check if the device is under normal power supply.
Check if each connection line is loose inside the device after disassembling the camera.
Check if the application program of IPC is corresponding to the model, and check if N/P format program is correct.
Check if the control and WEB are correct, there is control running permission under WIN7, you can delete the control under C:\Program Files\webrec and eliminate IE buffer memory to reload control and WEB. Please run IE as administrator for WIN 7, you need to install QuickTime plug-in if it is non-IE browser.
It displays “Resources are limited, failed to open video” after I log in the IPC.
Network bandwidth is not enough; change a switcher with bigger bandwidth.
Too many users logging in, and it is beyond the device code stream output capacity.
Disconnect the network or restart the device repeatedly, see 1.1 for more details.
IR effect is bad.
Users didn’t use specified power supply, and failed to enable all the IR lights.
The object is so far that it is out of the range of IR light.
IR-CUT is set as color mode, which caused the front-end sensor to fail to sense IR light.
When you use the device on the table (especially rough surface), the IR light will shoot back to the lens, which will cause bad IR effect and white picture. At this moment, you should adjust the elevation angle of the lens or place the device on the edge
The device failed to record video and snapshot.
“Snapshot time period” is set wrongly; storage path is not correct; “video mode” is set as off.
Set “video time period”, “snapshot time period” in the WEB interface; please refer to the <IPC WEB Operation Manual> for more details.
Check if the “memory point” enable in the WEB interface is checked.
Check if the connection of SD and FTP of video and snapshot storage is normal, try to connect FTP to the computer.
Set “video mode” as manual or auto in the WEB interface.
Black edge appears in the image after upgrade.
Eliminate IPC configuration or restore factory default after upgrading program.
Upgraded program is not corresponding to the IPC model, re-upgrade correct program.
Cross stripe or diagonal stripe appears in the image of IPC.
Bad connection for the video cable.
Strong current interference
The IPC image is unsteady.
Bad connection for the video cable
Gray screen appears in the IPC.
Gray screen appears in the IPC, it can recover after restart under the state of power off, gray screen appears repeatedly.
Caused by insufficient power supply.
Check if the IPC power supply mode and power adapter are too far away from the IPC.
Gray screen appears in the IPC.
Use the IR-blocking ring of the lens, or reinstall the light-blocking ring to a proper position
I forgot the Device IP.
Find the device IP by quick configuration tool.
If you know the device MAC address, you can set device IP address by modifying ARP/Ping command. Please refer to <WEB Operation Manual> for more details.
If you are Apple user, you can search the Bonjour server name of IPC and log in IPC by the browser with Bonjour service.
I failed to log in WEB.
User name and password are not correct, network and power adapter problems.
Please enter correct user name and password.
Check if the network cable is normal and usable, and check if the network configuration is correct or pull out the network cable plug in again.
Please connect default power adapter
I failed to play the downloaded audio and video files.
Player problem.
Please download the company default player from the disc.
Install graphics acceleration software whose version is higher than DX8.1
Use MEDIA PLAYER to play the file which is converted to AVI format, install Div X503Bundle.exe plug-in.
Winxp operating system needs to install plug-in DivX503Bundle.exe and ffdsho-20041012.exe.
Day/night config switch is invalid.
Device system time is not corresponding to computer time.
Single click “Camera setting > Camera property > Configuration file management > Switch according to time” in the WEB interface, set time period according to the computer time.
Synchronize the device time and current PC time.
Device is leaking water.
Users dismantled the front cover and rear cover by themselves, which were not installed properly.
The front cover glass is strongly pressed or crashed.
The waterproof plug of rear cover is loose.
IPC failed to recognize SD card.
Check if the card slot is loose.
Check if the SD card in the computer is recognizable and there is no abnormality.
Config info is mismatched with real situation after IPC working for a while.
Refresh the interface.
It is caused due to the modification of IPC config; it doesn’t belong to the IPC problem. Users can check what platform manages IPC or which device that the rear end is connected to. They can use check the exact reason by adopting separated checking method. Currently the PSS client and soft decoder can modify the Baud rate of some IPC, which leads to a situation where the IPC is out of control.
Power adapter is unsteady.
The high and low temperature environment is from 0℃ to 40℃ for general power adapters, the power supply will become unsteady if the adapter is beyond this range. Therefore, it is necessary to change to industrial power adapter
SD card failed to store video.
Check if the SD card status is set as read only status, if so; you need to change it to read/write status.
Check if the SD card can be detected.
Check if the SD card has been damaged.
Check if the SD card is full, if it shows that the residual space is 0, you can format the SD card by WEB interface or check “Cover” in the “Storage management > Video control > hard disk full” of the WEB interface.


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