SMTP / Email Notifications




SMTP Server

Input server address and then enable this function.


Default value is 25. You can modify it if necessary.


For the server supports the anonymity function. You can auto login anonymously. You do not need to input the user name, password and the sender information. 

User Name

The user name of the sender email account.


The password of sender email account.


Sender email address.

Authentication (Encryption mode)

You can select SSL, TLS or none.

Title (Subject)

Input email subject here.


System can send out the email of the snapshot picture once you check the box here.

Mail receiver

Input receiver email address here. Max three addresses.


The send interval ranges from 0 to 3600 seconds. 0 means there is no interval.

Please note system will not send out the email immediately when the alarm occurs. When the alarm, motion detection or the abnormity event activates the email, system sends out the email according to the interval you specified here. This function is very useful when there are too many emails activated by the abnormity events, which may result in heavy load for the email server.

Health mail enable

Please check the box here to enable this function.

Email test

The system will automatically sent out a email once to test the connection is OK or not .Before the email test, please save the email setup information.