IP Camera Basic Info

Important Safeguards and Warnings

1.Electrical safety All installation and operation here should conform to your local electrical safety codes. The product must be grounded to reduce the risk of electric shock. We assume no liability or responsibility for all the fires or electrical shock caused by improper handling or installation.

2.Transportation security Heavy stress, violent vibration or water splash are not allowed during transportation, storage and installation.


  • Keep upwards. Handle with care.
  • Do not apply power to the NVR before completing installation.
  • Do not place objects on the NVR

4.Qualified engineers needed All the examination and repair work should be done by the qualified service engineers. We are not liable for any problems caused by unauthorized modifications or attempted repair.

5.Environment The NVR should be installed in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, inflammable, explosive substances and etc. This series product shall be transported, storage and used in the specified environments.

6. Accessories Be sure to use all the accessories recommended by manufacturer. Before installation, please open the package and check all the components are included. Contact your local retailer ASAP if something is broken in your package.

7. Lithium battery Improper battery use may result in fire, explosion, or personal injury! When replace the battery, please make sure you are using the same model! Before your operation please read the following instructions carefully.

  • Installation environment
  • Keep away from extreme hot places and sources;
  • Avoid direct sunlight;
  • Keep away from extreme humid places;
  • Avoid violent vibration;
  • Do not put other devices on the top of the NVR;
  • Be installed in well ventilated place; do not block the vent.
  • Accessories
  • Check the accessories after opening the box:Please refer to the packing list in the box

Hardware Installation and Connection

Note: All the installation and operations here should conform to your local electric safety rules.

1. Check Unpacked NVR When you receive the NVR from the forwarding agent, please check whether there is any visible damage. The protective materials used for the package of the NVR can protect most accidental clashes during transportation. Then you can open the box to check the accessories. Please check the items in accordance with the list (Remote control is optional). Finally you can remove the protective film of the NVR.

2. About Front Panel and Rear Panel For detailed information of the function keys in the front panel and the ports in the rear panel, please refer to the User’s Manual included in the resource CD. The model label in the front panel is very important; please check according to your purchase order. The label in the rear panel is very important too. Usually we need you to represent the serial number when we provide the service after sales.

3. After Remove the Chassis Please check the data cable, power cable, COM cable and main boar cable connection is secure or not.

4. Important:Please turn off the power before you replace the HDD. You can refer to the User’s Manual for recommended HDD brand. Please use HDD of 7200rpm or higher. Usually we do not recommend a PC HDD. For detailed operation instruction, please refer to the User’s Manual included in the resources CD.

1. Use the screwdriver to loose the screws of the rear panel and then remove the front cover.

2. Put the HDD to the HDD bracket in the chassis and then line up the four screws to the four holes in the HDD. Use the screwdriver to fix the screws firmly to secure HDD on the HDD bracket

3. Connect to the HDD data cable to the main board and the HDD port respectively. Loosen the power cable of the chassis and connect another end of the power cable to the HDD port.

4. After connect the cable, put the front cover back to the device and then fix screws of the rear panel.