LincX2PRO/Recover Device via SD Card Firmware Flash

Recover Device via SD Card Firmware Flash


These instructions will show you how to recover a LincX2Pro device via SD-Card. These instructions should only be used if you are unable to setup your LincX2Pro device using normal methods.


  • LincX2PRO Device
  • SD-Card
  • Current LincX2PRO Device Firmware
  • PC
  • SD-Card Reader

Video Instructions & Step By Step Instructions

Part 1:Prepare SD-Card

Part 2:Insert SD-Card & Flash

Part 3:Remove SD Card & Reset to Defaults

NOTE:Device should be showing a solid green light before proceeding with this step

LincX@PRO Update Complete1.JPG

1. Navigate to on computer to download the firmware zip folder.
1. Dahuawiki.PNG

2. Click on "Cameras" > LincX2PRO Cameras.
2. Consumer Product Section.PNG

3. Scroll down on the page and select the correct firmware based on the device being used. In this example, we are using the "IPC-C26EN".
3. Choose The Correct Device.PNG

4. Open File Explorer on the computer and copy/paste all the content from the downloaded zip folder into the SD card.
4. Copy The Info To SD Card.PNG

5. Eject the SD card once all the files are copied over.
5. Eject SD Card From Computer.PNG

6. Insert the SD card into the device without powering the device yet.
6. Insert SD Card Into Device.PNG

7. Hold the reset button while powering on the device.
7. Hold Reset Button While Powering On the Device.PNG

8. Hold the reset for about 10 seconds and the red/green light will be flashing.
8. Holding The Reset Button For 10 Seconds.PNG

9. Once the red/green finished flashing, it will turn to solid green light then take out the SD card.
9. Wait Until Green Light Then Take Out SD Card.PNG

10. Hold the reset button after SD card is pull out for another 10 seconds.
10. Hold Reset Button Again For 10 Seconds After SD Card Is Out.PNG

11. Wait for the solid red light to turn green.
11. Wait For Solid Red Light to Turn Green.PNG

Part 4:Setup Device with Mobile App

NOTE:Device should be showing a flashing green light before proceeding with this step