LincX2PRO/Setup Motion Detection

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LincX2PRO Motion Detection Setup

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. Select your LincX2PRO unit under the "Device" tab

LincX2PRO MD Setup-1.png

2. Tap on Motion Detection Setting

LincX2PRO MD Setup-2.png

3. Assure that the switch is enabled and select the Detection Sensitivity to configure the sensitivity

LincX2PRO MD Setup-3.png

4. Save the desired settings and go back

LincX2PRO MD Setup-4.png

5. Go back

LincX2PRO MD Setup-5.png

6. Tap on Message

LincX2PRO MD Setup-6.png

7. Select the Cloud icon to view the devices linked to your DMSS account and tap on the bell icon

LincX2PRO MD Setup-7.png

8. Tap on your LincX2PRO device

LincX2PRO MD Setup-8.png

9. Ensure that the switch is enabled and click on the Floppy Disk icon to save, go back

LincX2PRO MD Setup-9.png

10. Go back again

LincX2PRO MD Setup-10.png

11. Go to "Me"

LincX2PRO MD Setup-11.png

12. Make sure that the Notification Switch is enabled and now you should receive Motion Detection notifications

LincX2PRO MD Setup-12.png