Mobile/Push Notification Schedule

How to Setup Push Notification Schedule


This guide will show how to setup the Push Notification Schedule in the gDMSS / iDMSS app

This allows the app to only send Push Notifications for events during a desired time period. This function will only apply to devices that have been added to the associated account. Devices that have been added to the account locally, rather than to the app, will not adhere to the notification schedule.

Please Note - in order for push notification schedule to work:

1. You must be logged into the DMSS app using a Dahua Online Account How To Create Dahua Online Account 2. Device must be added to Online Account, and not to Local


  • gDMSS / iDMSS app installed
  • Dahua devices (NVR/IPC/etc) added to app
  • Dahua device configured with active rule for notification (for example motion, IVS, system event, etc)
  • Dahua Account
  • Devices added to Dahua Account

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

Push Notification Schedule will only be an option when logged into an active Dahua online account in the mobile app

1. To log in, from the main page select 'Me' GDMSS Plus 2019 Me.png

Push Notification Schedule - gDMSS - 1.jpg

2. Select 'Log in Now'

Push Notification Schedule - gDMSS - 2.jpg

3. Enter the Username and Password for the account then select 'Log in'

You can select 'Register' in the top right to create a new account

Push Notification Schedule - gDMSS - 3.jpg

4. Once logged in, under the 'Me' section select 'General'

Push Notification Schedule - gDMSS - 4.jpg

5. There will now be a section in General settings for Notification schedule setup

Push Notification Schedule - gDMSS - 5.jpg

6. Select the field labeled 'Period' to enter a time range

Push Notification Schedule - gDMSS - 6.jpg

7. Use the interface to enter a time range

Select the check mark to save

Push Notification Schedule - gDMSS - 7.jpg

8. The 'Period' field should be updated to the time range that was just set

Push Notification Schedule - gDMSS - 8.jpg

9. Select the arrow in the top left to back out of the menu

Push Notification Schedule - gDMSS - 9.jpg