Mobile/iDMSS Alarm Output

How to enable Alarm Output on iDMSS Plus


This article is to show user how to enable alarm output via iDMSS Plus App.


1. Dahua Recorder that connected to the network.

2. iDMSS Plus App with device added to the App.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Locate and launch iDMSS app on the iPhone.

2. Press on the menu icon and press on Device Manager.

Idmss remote 1.png

3. Select the device.

Idmss alarmout 2.png

4. Press on Alarm Output.

Idmss alarmout 3.png

5. By default, all Alarm output channels are set to Close.

Idmss alarmout 4.png

6. You can modify it accordingly, and press Save.

Idmss alarmout 5.png